Number one Russian producer of metal containers and packaging.
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40/42, Yablochnaya St.
Kaliningrad, Russia

KTK has received an ISO 9000:2008 international management systems compliance certificate, and supplies more than half of all metal packaging exported from Russia.

The history of metal can production goes back more than 200 years. However, we use only the latest technology and materials in our production process.
We use tin plate made by European manufacturers in accordance with the EN standard and tin produced by Russia’s leading factories in accordance with GOST.

In 2001, we opened our own canning plant at Kaliningrad Package Factory (KTK). Initially, this was a very bold experiment. Today, we can proudly say that the experiment was a success. We produce tinned products of the highest quality and in compliance with technical specifications, made to “premium” and “classic” formulas. Our range includes more than 40 tinned beef, pork, horse meat, poultry and offal products. In addition, our fish unit is projected to produce more than 5 million cans of fish products.

From the day it was set up, the company has had a functioning technical monitoring department. Later, a permanent product monitoring commission was established, and in 2004, the factory implemented and certified its own quality management system in the field of metal container production, in accordance with the international and the Russian standards. Today, KTK’s quality service includes three production laboratories and one technological service.