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Lithography equipment

Metal cans with images printed directly on the cans and lids can be made to order.

This type of lithographic printing protects metal cans and keeps the canned products looking good on shop shelves. Kaliningrad Package Factory has been making a wide assortment of lithographed cans for more than 20 years.

Offset lithography gives a high-quality image and an enhanced level of productivity in combination with low printing costs. Printing is done on a bi-sectional printing machine that can work in several runs using both the CMYK system and a PANTONE palette.

The high colour saturation of our lithographed products is due to the use of quality printing inks made in Britain, Germany, and Spain.

The lithography department is equipped with top-quality machines that allow us to produce all types of labels, from the simple to the most complex. Our clients can evaluate the quality of colour rendering through colour proofs on the tin; and our modern pre-press CTP equipment made by AGFA Graphics (Germany) significantly reduces print preparation time and speeds up the lithography production process.


Kaliningrad Package Factory has been producing a wide assortment of cans with lithographed images on the side and cover for more than 20 years.

Lithography reliably protects the tin packaging and preserves the trademark of canned goods all the way through to contact with the retail consumer. Furthermore, offset lithography enables high-quality images to be produced in one run through the four-section printing machine with automatic grip. The fast printing speed and the wide range of Pantone colours from the UK, Germany, and Spain, make it possible to handle the most difficult orders with almost unlimited production runs.

The lithography shop is fitted out with modern equipment enabling any type of printing on tin. Clients can assess and approve the quality of the colour printing from proofs of colour samples on tin before the main order is printed.

The CTP laser printing equipment from AGFA Graphics (Germany) can produce 27 printed forms per hour accurately to within four microns, significantly reducing prepress time and accelerating the lithography process. The high 2,400-dpi resolution and pixel positioning adjustments in the 1–99% range make it possible to use forms to reproduce highly artistic design projects.

The lithography shop has its own section for mixing Pantone offset paints, with a computer database. A large library of colour shades has been created since it started operations.

The prepress and printer are combined into a single system using СIP3 software. The majority of the print parameters are determined in the prepress phase and stored in the database. Subsequent orders are filled on the basis of these fixed colour parameters.

The MetalStar 2 four-colour printing press (with a maximum speed of up to 8,000 sheets per hour) can reproduce artwork of any complexity in one pass. Digital and automatic adjustment of the entire workflow ensures reliable quality control for colour printing. The integrated sheet inspection system uses spectrophotometry to control colour parameters even at high printing line speeds.

High colour saturation of the lithographed product is ensured using original high-quality paints supplied by world leaders such as AGFA, Rasselstein, AkzoNobel, Polifarb, and PPG. The commissioning of a third KBA-MetalPrint high-speed painting line has significantly increased the output of the lithography unit by processing enlarged printing formats.

Each client can rely on detailed consultations from the appropriate specialists in the quality control department and the chief technician’s office. We bring to bear our many years of experience to achieve maximum printing quality. This applies to any order, regardless of type of product, cost, or size of production run. We know that the result of our work will satisfy even the most demanding client.