Number one Russian producer of metal containers and packaging.
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40/42, Yablochnaya St.
Kaliningrad, Russia
Canning Facilities

ОАО «Kaliningrad Package Factory makes meat, fish, meat-and-vegetable and fish-and-vegetable products under its own brand, Sokhranim traditsii (Preserving Traditions).

Today, our range includes more than 50 tinned meat products, and more than 20 tinned fish products, and is constantly updated to reflect customer demand. All our Sokhranim traditsii products come in elegant lithographed cans. Our premium range, and some of our gourmet products, come in cans with easy-open lids.

All our products are the result of a combination of traditional recipes and modern technology. They contain no soya, GMOs or colourings.

Quality control is assured by our own certified laboratory. All our products are certified and undergo regular strict control with the Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing (Rospotrebnadzor).

Redeveloping our canning plant has enabled us to increase our production capacity and productivity, to make our manufacturing operations more flexible, and to ensure that the quality of our products continues to meet the ever-increasing demands of the market. Today, we have the capacity to produce more than 5 million canned products a month, which is more than enough to meet the market demand.

In June 2015, the Kaliningrad Package Factory canning plant underwent an audit and received a certificate of compliance with international and national food safety management requirements (GOST R ISO 22000:2005; DIN EN ISO 22000:2007). Superior raw materials, the latest imported equipment, advanced technologies, modern laboratories, and strict quality control of our products all add up to success in the Russian and global markets. But our main accomplishment remains the love our customers have had for our products over many years, for which we are ready to improve still further.

To maintain the high level of quality of our products and develop new forms of preservation, a special KTK committee holds regular tasting sessions. During these sessions, our experts assess each product according to several criteria.

Photo: Manufactory, our production, degustation