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Sohranim Tradicii TM


In production we use traditional recipes for canned food originally from the Soviet epoque. Strict adherence to modern canning technology and quality standards preserves the necessary trace elements and nutritional value. In our understanding, conservation is, first of all, the preservation of the beneficial properties of food meaning proteins, fats, minerals and carbohydrates.

The canned meat branded by “Let's Keep Traditions” contains just meat and natural spices. We do not use soybeans, GMOs, dyes and improvers. There are just salt, pepper and bay leaves inside – for a slight piquancy of the classic taste.

While opening a can of stewed pork, a beef or a ham, you get a quality meat product that is pleasing both to the eye and to the taste.

The product line is being constantly updated. We introduce new recipes, improve packaging day by day. Every canned food has the bright lithographic packaging with an EASY OPEN key.

How can you find a real 100% stew? It is faster than you think. Just enter our website.


As you know, the closer a canned fish production to the sea, the more fresh a raw material used.

Back in Soviet times, Kaliningrad was the number one region in producing the canned fish cought in the Atlantic. Our technologists still use those good old recipes and carefully follow the requirements of GOST.

We take care about our canned food quality and therefore about the customers' health. Tin cans and lids production uses materials that do not pose a safety risk, neither in terms of composition nor in terms of oxidation.

The wide range of the canned fish assortment line contains natural fish, such as mackerel, herring, sayra, sardine and sprat, ones in oil, blanched, in tomato sauce, and canned with vegetables.

We believe that the canned meat and fish is bit more than just “camping” food. Many people in Russia use canned food in their everyday life, even if they adhere to strict dietary rules.

And, of course, take a look at our premium line of canned Baltic sprat. While developing this recipe we increased the density of tomato sause, preserving its uniqueness, added flavoring accents and put each fish in cans manually. See our website for more info.