Number one Russian producer of metal containers and packaging.
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40/42, Yablochnaya St.
Kaliningrad, Russia

Kaliningrad Package Factory is Russia’s largest producer of canned food containers.

The company manufactures its products in accordance with GOST 5981-2011 and the technical regulations developed by its own specialists. Its modern, high-tech equipment from leading European manufacturers allows it to maintain its essential product range, and constantly expand it. Today, the factory produces more than 60 types of metal containers.

Soudronic production lines (Switzerland), acquired and commissioned for the production of three-component composite metal cans using a seam welding process, provide easy reset capabilities for orders of any volume. The company is easily able to meet the requirements of its most discerning clients.

The factory is taking orders to produce metal cans with EASY OPEN lids rolled onto composite cans. We are able to produce cans with tapered bottoms and crimped sides that are 83.4 mm and 99 mm in diameter. Our wide assortment of composite cans is constantly being expanded in response to the demands of the metal packaging market.

Production technology is constantly being improved in accordance with the requirements of the market, but the factory still continues to produce seamless cans with many advantages over others. We produce seamless cans with volumes of between 110 and 1,330 ml. In 2013, our range of seamless cans will be expanding. We have concluded a contract for the acquisition of a stamp for the production of seamless HANSA cans of European design.

Our cans are packed in corrugated cardboard boxes. Composite cans of 72.8, 83.4, and 99 mm in diameter can be packaged onto pallets. The outer dimensions of the pallets are 1,200 x 800 mm (Euro pallets) and 1,420 x 1,120 mm; pallet height is up to 3,000 mm.

Time-Tested Technologies

The history of metal can production goes back more than 100 years. However, we use only the latest technology and materials in our production process.

We use tin plate made by European manufacturers in accordance with the EN 10202 standard and tin produced by Russia’s leading factories in accordance with GOST 13345-85. For tin plate varnishing and lithography, we use only European materials, which can be used for canning a full range of meat, fish, fruit, and vegetables. All our metal containers are made of raw and finished materials authorized for contact with food products by Russia’s healthcare agencies and the Federal Service on Customers’ Rights Protection and Human Well-Being Surveillance.

Kaliningrad Package Factory’s production facilities are fitted with modern, reliable, high-productivity equipment made by leading European companies. This includes Soudronic lines (Switzerland) for the production of welded composite cans; the high-speed Karges Hammer (Germany) and Cevolani (Italy) presses for manufacturing lids and can bottoms; a press made by BLEMA (Germany) for producing seamless metal cans and their ends; modern KBA Print lines (Germany) for varnishing tin plate with a gas drying system for lacquered materials; and CLEVERTECH automatic palletizers (Italy) for the packaging of metal containers onto pallets of various formats.

Metal cans with images printed directly on the cans and lids can be made to order.

This type of lithographic printing protects metal cans and keeps the canned products looking good on shop shelves. Kaliningrad Package Factory has been making a wide assortment of lithographed cans for more than 20 years.

Offset lithography gives a high-quality image and an enhanced level of productivity in combination with low printing costs. Printing is done on a bi-sectional printing machine that can work in several runs using both the CMYK system and a PANTONE palette.

The high colour saturation of our lithographed products is due to the use of quality printing inks made in Britain, Germany, and Spain.

The lithography department is equipped with top-quality machines that allow us to produce

all types of labels, from the simple to the most complex. Our clients can evaluate the quality of colour rendering through colour proofs on the tin; and our modern pre-press CTP equipment made by AGFA Graphics (Germany) significantly reduces print preparation time and speeds up the lithography production process.

Keeping Up With The Times

In January 2013, the company completely moved over to rolled tin. To make this happen, we installed and commissioned a new cutting line made by LITTELL (USA) in November 2012. The new equipment increased labour productivity throughout the plant and reduced the production cost of cans due to a more efficient tin plate cutting process. The line is capable of cutting not only right angles, but also shaped (scroll) formats for seamless can and lid stamping.

The advantages of using this new equipment are clear:

  • The factory can produce its own tin plate in the formats it requires independently of suppliers, which allows us to bring production planning to a new, modern level
  • Efficient planning allows us to substantially reduce the time it takes to fulfil our clients’ orders

The use of the latest equipment has allowed Kaliningrad Package Factory to introduce a new type of semi-finished product to the market: varnished and lithographed tin plate. We are certain that this product will find its niche and become popular with clients.

One of the factors in planning the factory’s development strategy is the study of demand and new products on the packaging market. The company’s specialists are well aware that without the ability to react in real time to clients’ changing demands and requirements, it is impossible to keep up to date. For this reason, representatives of Kaliningrad Package Factory regularly visit Russian and international trade fairs.

In 2015, our canning plant completed a refit. Since mid-2015, our entire range of metal cans in each size (83.4 mm, 99 mm and 73.8 mm in diameter) has been produced in two designs: a classic cylinder as per Russia’s GOST regulations, and a more modern European version, with a narrow bottom and beaded body.

2015 was also a landmark year for the full-scale upgrading of our printing and coating unit which took place. It now has a third KBA-MetalPrint coating line with a state-of-the-art coating machine and the capacity to handle larger tin plate sizes.

In 2016, the first production branch outside the Kaliningrad region was put into operation, for the production of welded cans in the city of Rudnya. This allowed to simplify the logistics scheme for the delivery of finished products to other regions of Russia. The volume of investments in this project amounted to almost 700 million rubles. Full-scale production facility in the city of Smolensk region Rudnya equipped with the most modern equipment and is able to produce on a monthly basis up to 15 million units of tin containers.

A large-scale modernization of the meat-canning industry was carried out. The newest equipment of the French firm Lagarde Autoclaves (France), SecmaCabon (France), FMT (Italy). This allowed to significantly increase the productivity, including due to the flexibility of technological transitions.

Plans for 2017

Launch of production of easily opened covers on the site of OJSC Kaliningrad Package Factory in Kaliningrad. The increase in production in Rudnya is planned to raise production capacity to 30 million cans per month. The installation of the line and commissioning of welded cans with a diameter of 83.4 mm in the assortment in the city of Rudnia. To modernize the fish canning industry.