Number one Russian producer of metal containers and packaging.
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40/42, Yablochnaya St.
Kaliningrad, Russia

The obvious advantages of working with KTK include:

  • Proximity to Europe’s largest suppliers of high-quality raw materials
  • Close contacts with the major European centres of innovation and research,
  • enabling the use of cutting-edge Western production technologies.
  • Competitive prices due solely to attractive raw material costs, with no loss of quality
  • An ice-free port means products can be shipped by sea all year round

Transport and Logistics

Kaliningrad Package Factory has a modern warehousing compound with an area of more than 20,000 square metres that can store up to 20 million units of canned food and up to 40 million units of empty cans. This guarantees that we are able to meet demand on time and with no interruptions. A month’s worth of stock is always held in the warehouse.

Kaliningrad Package Factory’s successful operations are the result of high-speed cargo transit and minimum cargo processing and storage costs.

Our exceptional system of approach roads, our own railway line, and our close proximity to the commercial port mean we can forward products in any direction by road, rail, or sea, in a timely fashion.